Pedro Moreira
pedro moreira

With over a decade of experience as a full stack web engineer, I have honed my skills in a variety of technologies, including but not limited to React, TypeScript, Next.js, Node.js, Laravel and Ruby on Rails.

Whether I am working on a legacy codebase or a greenfield project, I focus on building great software - this means software that works, is easy to use, easy to maintain and that accomplishes the task that it needs.

My clients are US-based companies that need an expert that can take a set of propositions and tasks and deliver a well-architected piece of software on the web without a lot of handholding.

If you are looking for a seasoned full stack web engineer to build or maintain your app, reach out to me at hire [at]


I have been fortunate to work with some great people.
Here are some words they shared about our work together.

Corey Lian's picture

Corey Lian

Product @ Spotify

Pedro was a dream to work with. I was Pedro`s Product Manager counterpart and Pedro was an excellent partner in coming to the solution together.
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We had utter trust with one another and from the moment I explained the use case and the customer need, we collectively came up with the solution for implementation. He`s smart, compassionate, and not afraid to challenge (in the most polite way too I may add) when it`s necessary to get the best solution for the customer. I only long to bring Pedro in again to team up with him again.
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Hursh Agrawal's picture

Hursh Agrawal

Product @ Spotify

Pedro is one of the most talented, thoughtful, and level-headed JS architects I`ve worked with. He was a joy to discuss and solve engineering problems with and calm, collected, and patient in the most trying circumstances.
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I deeply enjoyed working with him and would recommend him in any senior engineering role.
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Eric Brody's picture

Eric Brody

Senior Engineer Manager @ Spotify

Pedro is hands down one of the best engineers I`ve had the pleasure of working with. He takes a thoughtful approach to every stage of the software development cycle, from planning and requirements gathering to design and implementation.
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He is undeniably strong in the technical sense, delivering quality code as well as helpful and actionable peer review, improving the overall quality of our codebase. He is also an excellent communicator, always ensuring that both stakeholders and other engineers are kept informed of progress and pertinent information. There are numerous processes and patterns that Pedro helped establish and we continue to utilize on the team today. I firmly believe that any team or project would be made markedly better by having Pedro involved, and I would jump at the chance to work with him again in the future.
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Samir Mody's picture

Samir Mody

Engineering @ The Browser Company

Pedro was one of the most talented and wonderful people to work with. His contributions to the team and product were so valuable and core to our product development. As one of the JS tech leads on the team, he helped architect several important and complex pieces of our product.
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He was also very flexible and spun up on any part of our tech stack necessary and made major contributions. In addition, he mentored others to help our team grow as a whole. I really enjoyed working with him (and wish I still did!) and would recommend him as a senior engineer.
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Josh Miller's picture

Josh Miller

Co-Founder @ The Browser Company

Pedro was a joy to work with every day. was an excellent communicator, responsive and open-minded to change, a fantastic collaborator, and generally exhibited a very professional but warm demeanor.
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Would highly-recommend working with him if you have the opportunity!
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Matheus Salmi's picture

Matheus Salmi

Software Engineer @ Squadra Tecnologia

Pedro is the guy every company wishes for. His dedication and vast knowledge allow him to collaborate in a set of different areas where he can think outside the box and face problems from a different angle.
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I`ve had the opportunity to work with him several times during these past 10 years and I can truly say every single time was a fantastic experience.
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